Stem Cell 2007 - 8-9 March 2007 - Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Stem Cells - The Investment Megatrend of the Future.

Progress in stem cell research directs the attention of science and industry to companies active in this segment of the health care market. Is stem cell technology the investment of tomorrow? This is the question leading investors are currently discussing.
This conference on stem cell research aims to give a comprehensive and digestible overview of what is state of the art and what are the most probable trends. The conference will answer the questions most important to investors: What is the current state of the art of stem cell research and what are the future trends in this promising technology? How can investors profit from these trends in their portfolios? What chances and risks are likely to arise from investments in companies engaged in stem cell research? What are the leading stem cell companies that warrant an investment to date?

Stem Cell 2007